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Face & Body Sugaring

Eyebrow Shape

Brow sugar, tweeze & trim to your liking.

Upper Lip

Includes entire upper lip area, starting past the corners of the mouth, up to below the nostrils.


Includes entire chin area, starting from below the lower lip, to under the chin where it meets the neck if necessary.


Includes hair removal of the sideburn areas, starting from just below the hairline, in front of the ears, extending down to the jaw area below the earlobes.

Full Face

Includes eyebrows. Starting under the eye area, and do entire cheeks, sideburns, upper lip and chin area.


Includes full underarm area on both sides.

Full Arm

Includes the entire arm area. Starting at the shoulder, going all the way down to the wrists.

Half Arm

Includes the entire lower arm area. We will start slightly above the elbows and includes the hands at no extra charge, if necessary.

Chest + Abdomen

Includes the entire chest area starting at the shoulders extending down to just above the belt line.


Includes the entire abdomen area, starting just below the rib cage extending down to the hip bones.

Full Back

Includes hair removal of the entire back area starting at the top of the rear end. Extending up to include the full should, upper arms, and back of the neck.

Half Back

Includes lower or upper half of the back. Extends down to just above the rear end or up to the shoulder line.

Full Leg

Includes hair removal the entire way around both legs. Beginning at the bikini line, moving all the way down to the ankles. We will includes feet and toes at no extra charge, if necessary.

Half Leg

Includes hair removal of the entire way around both legs starting at the knee. Then moving either up to the bikini line OR down to the ankle. Includes feet and toes at no extra charge, if necessary.


Includes hair removal starting outside of the panty line and the crease of the thigh, up to 4" out if necessary. You will be asked to pull your panties aside so we can wax a few inches inward from the panty line. We will also remove hair from the top of the bikini line.


*For new clients only and/or clients past six weeks* This procedure includes hair removal of the entire bikini area. This is a full bikini wax, removing all hair from the front and backside. You can choose to leave a small strip on top, or nothing at all! Keep in mind you will be asked to remove your panties for this procedure.

Brazilian Maintenance

When you receive your next Brazilian within 4-6 weeks of your last, it is considered your maintenance period. This helps you to stay on schedule and makes if easier for the both of us each time you return, leading to permanent reduction of hair growth!

Between the Cheeks

Self explanatory, removal of hair atop and between the cheeks.

Full Butt

Hair removal of the entire butt from cheek to cheek and in between.

Brazilian + Bikini Treatment

Brazilian sugar hair removal + custom bikini treatment all in one appointment. Available for brazilian maintenance sessions as well.

Bikini Treatment

Cleanse, exfoliate and brighten your most intimate area to prevent pigmentation, bumps from irritation or friction, and ingrown hairs. Hungarian Mud enzymatic mask, custom hydrojelly mask and extractions included.

Ingrown Hair Extractions

Extractions of any ingrown hairs if needed. May be booked as a stand alone treatment or as an add on.

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